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Happy Hippy Productions L.L.C. Is now Open

Hi ​​and Welcome!

Happy Hippy here on the path to my true self. I became aware of my psychic abilities as a young child and had many psychic experiences throughout my entire life. My life has not been an easy path and it’s been full of challenge, which has strengthened my abilities, as there is no better teacher than experience.   I am a Gemini Rising, Taurus Moon,  and Virgo ascendant which leads to a bit of bluntness and stubbornness. 

​Have you ever found yourself burned out and looking for purpose?   Many of us think we find happiness by not taking chances or following our passions.   My career and education have not been enough!   I have decided to take my skills and passions and create a new line of products made from natural materials.   I plan on focusing on skin care, clothing, metaphysical products.  But Rome was not built overnight, so I continue to earn capital to support my physical shop.   It is with that energy, that  I am doing tarot reading to support the  building my business.   Help me get the Happy Hippy Productions brand formed.   

I also possess the gift of Clair audio, and clairvoyance which is the ability to receive messages from the deceased and interpret the symbolism in the cards  . Sometimes they communicate to me through visions and symbols and at times through words and feelings. As an adult I have sought knowledge through classes, books, and events on most things metaphysical.   The church never really answered all my questions which inspired me to seek knowledge. It is very fulfilling to help people and convey messages to them through spirit or higher vibrations. I view tarot readings as more than just insight, but a roadmap ahead of what life and the universe is bringing you.   I look forward to helping you understand this journey and to gather more supportive information to help you navigate life’s lessons. 

Thank​​​ You and Many Blessings!


                                                                                    The Happy Hippy

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Michelle Na.....

Your reading is very accurate and has made me look at my situation from a different angle.  well done. You are very in tune with your higher energy.

Crystal Ball


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