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Walking to Live, Walk for Life

Greetings and Thank You !!!!!! Many blessings to you for taking the time to read my blog and find out more about what makes me tick. It is also the driving factor behind why i founded Happy Hippy Productions L.L.C. So i hope this message finds you, and it finds you well. Let's start by delving into a bit of history of where i was in the past.

Me at my 371 weight

Five years ago, i went to the doctor for double shoulder surgery and repair. It started a year prior with pain in both shoulders, and pain and swelling in my elbows. Every evening i would prepare a bag of ice, take a few prednisone , and try and deal with the injury i had. My wife and kids saw me in pain everyday, and it went untreated for over a year. The reason behind it , was very simple. I was fat. It's hard to say, but the truth. At that time i weighed in at 357 pounds. I could barely admit that my weight was that high. Two years before that, my weight had plateaued at 371, and my blood pressure was at the point of me being on medication. 149/94 didn't look to bad at the time considering the amount of weight i was carrying. So something had to be done I started going to the gym before the injury, and managed to drop to the 357 pound point, but unfortunately, the swelling everyday prevented me from continuing the workout. Honestly, i was not in the right frame of mind to be successful. So i did manage to schedule the surgery, but what the doctor really wanted was for me to drop another 60 pounds before surgery. I initially thought i was being discriminated against because i was overweight, and it wasn't until a few years later that i understood the why behind the doctors request. Simply put, it lowered my risk index by losing weight and also took pressure off of my joints. I chose to be offended by the truth about my weight.

Me now at 217. I will post a full body later this week.

Today, 5 years later, i weighed in at 217 pounds. To save all the questions, yes i did this all naturally. I will be going into the how, and why over the next few days in my blog. I am currently off of all medications, fitting into the same sizes i was when i was 18, and in fantastic shape. Exercise, via Walking, is a major reason that i am in great physical fitness shape, but not the real reason i was able to lose weight. It totally was about the pain and hurt i have been carrying around since i was a kid, and how i see myself as a person. I look forward to sharing my journey with you! I wish you nothing but good vibes, and good fortune. One soul, One tribe. Thank you my fellow Hippies and look forward to sharing this life experience with one vibration.

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